Sunday, April 22, 2012

I have a cat – a Kello cat
A big, fat, orange, flabby tabby that jiggles like Jell-o
Kello’s a lovable ol’ man of a cat
Bonded to my baby, he lets her do what she will
Flip him, flop him, throw him, and cuddle him so tight he nearly goes splat
Kello pretends he’s a stuffed animal all for her pleasure

He’s sweet and clean and nearly a perfect pet
Kello has just one flaw
He’s a stoner cat and this is no joke
If there is cat nip to be had, Kello must have it and have it right now
I tell you the truth, this sly little guy is dumber than dirt unless there is nip to be found

The stash he uncovers is wrapped up in baggies
But he scratches and gnaws and he works without rest until he gets to his prize
Then he chews it and snorts it and rolls all around in that pile of nip
This silly boy gets higher than high
He rolls on his back, paws straight in the air, eyes kinda glassy
And I can't help but wonder if he’s dreaming of HoHo’s, Ring-Dings, and Doritos, too


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